At the Ajax Aquatic Club, (unlike many other clubs) there is no requirement and no expectation from Club Owners or Coaches that you aspire to become a Swimming Official. 

However, any parents or other family members interested in becoming a Swimming Official can do so on a completely voluntary basis. 

Swimming officials at all levels in Canada are entirely volunteers.  Each swim meet requires many trained officials who contribute to a fair, safe and positive environment. 

They also ensure that the swim meets are run on schedule and efficiently.
Some of the benefits of becoming a Swimming Official include acquiring Swim Official training, which helps to understand:

  • the terms used at a swim meet,

  • the role of each official on the deck,

  • the technical rules of each stroke (for example: why my child got DQ’ed?),

  • You will also become more involved in an activity your child loves.

  • You will also get as close to the meet action as possible.

  • And of course you can take advantage of the refreshments provided at meet hospitality rooms.

If there is sufficient interest, offical’s training can be arranged for Ajax Aquatic Club parents.
Should any of you be interested in becoming a Swimming Official or wish to re-activate your Swimming Official status or wish to transfer former Swimming Official club affiliation please contact this Club’s Officials’ Coordinator (COC)


Q: What are the costs associated with volunteering as Swimming Official?

A: There is a yearly Swim Ontario registration fee of $5.65 (tax included).

Q: What is the dress code and do I get official uniform?

A: Swim officials follow dress code.  Depending on the position on deck it may be white or red polos / tops and black pants / skirts and shoes. You may use your own red polo or optionally purchase Swim Ontario one for $26.54 + tax.


Q: Do I need to commit to specific number of hours or meets?

A: No! After registering as an official and completing training, you may volunteer to help in as many or as few meets as you like.


Q: Do I need Police Record Check to volunteer?

A: In most cases you don’t need one. Only senior level 4 and 5 positions require Police Record Check.  


More information can be found at the following links:
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